How to get cheap moneros

Thoth: erhanzeynel, you will need to open a support ticket inquiring about support manually withdrawing that for you.Architectural mythology of surrey computer science and engineering.Xoblort: We dynamically adjust fees according to the fee schedule, also check and.The coin earned me over 100 btc, but had I not fallen for the alt hype I would have about 100 more BTC.JeromeKerviel: Quickest way to become a millionaire: start a billionaire and buy zcash.Shinn: stricclylogic24, or a program that notifies you when a certain price level has been broken.MisterTrader: Filipos76, Soluxion, haha why you asking then:).Wash: masterworld, yeah I know but it happened to me twice already and I had to contact support and wait a day ).KoinKop: masterworld, will look it up, i usually choose coins which i believe have any future functionalities.

Banhammer: Abaddon banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Xoblort.JeromeKerviel: tone0018, Hmm, I never really say it out loud.TheThinker: Varvarin, you could publish some news or or announcements on bitcointalk at least.Im reading it right now myself but I want to share it here and hopefully get some coding. 6r2xsm/is_moneros_anonymity. of them still cheap,.BigBen: mark.brooke, yep. risky but if its launched it will go to 100 dollars each.Shinn: stricclylogic24, the only difference between a bot and a human is it doesnt make exceptions, and never panics.Anondran: Gains, KontraK, NickH, time to move his 1million premine.

TheNewTreasury: despeboy, I want to believe but sentiment is grim around here.KoinKop: stricclylogic24, but for instance, i m holding nxt for ages now cause in believe in it.SideShowBob: colossus, its a corner lot with two huge oak trees over 100 years old.Shinn: JoshR, honestly with the ETF coming in march, i think btc will get very interesting.Shinn: KoinKop, like i should use every advantage you can get and using programs to augment your trading is imo a must.Thoth: bruno-836d, it appears you were credited for that on January 23rd when you made another deposit.Imogen: moonshiner, no i mean on what your own inner being says.

I just mortgaged my house to buy. I just mortgaged my house to buy ethereum(Back in baby. Some of Etherium community are already buying Moneros with their.Cthulhu: 24K, if it is polo it will be biais and could be market manipulation.Thoth: matroni, your btc is on the blockchain just unconfirmed.Kappa: Woodstock, When the whales close their shorts we will see a big spike.Thoth: bruno-836d, the.7 deposit is from 31 days ago and that ETH is no longer on the account.Thoth: Wash, sometimes shows completed before it has broadcast.Seepy: at current rates, ltc segwit is gonna happen in around 60 days.

Sn7w: bobdoe, its been going down for a whole month now, it didnt go up.BrainStormer: masterworld, I am in Tirana,Albania, Sometimes i stay in Rotterdam.Rastafar: Stratum - Cannot connect to port 4444.JeromeKerviel: You have to pay hard marks for my advise, so it is not worthless.Thoth: Heikel, I have no idea when that will be reenabled, it is still undergoing maintenance.Xoblort: PiecesOfEight, please do not post that again in here, it has been posted already Thank you.

KoinKop: masterworld, yeah bela, interesting but its business model is people rewarding other people for their fotos and stuff huh.Waiting to buy a farm once the hobby farms get dumped so the main mortgage can be paid.SideShowBob: dont ever use google to search for something to buy you will get ads for months after you buy what ever you were looking for.morons.

Xoblort: CobraKai, we require 45 confirmations for ETH to be credited to your account here.Thoth: MasterChief2016, even if you set the lowest asking price the order might not be filled depending on how the market moves.Anyway if u are able to wait and hold a couple of months u will be rewarded.JoshR: lobujit, polo has actually the most volume in most alts.Banhammer: igorsuv74rus banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Xoblort.Thoth: maconheiro, I have no idea why it was temporarily frozen.

Best14you: South Africa largest banks now going blockchain in a big way.And it trades according to a method that I think would be profitable.KoinKop: Shinn, yeah but then i would be an cow trying to fly.

MisterTrader: Filipos76, you can long on btc if you want to make some money.Thoth: KoinKop, PRO TIP: Poloniex Staff will never solicit coins from users here, in IRC or anywhere else.Either way, we are not responsible from the trading decisions you make, and the gains and losses you experience as a result of acting on any of the insight read here.Hmanana: real coins are getting bashed right now, until the bleepcoins party is over.Best14you: floriver.mining, btc is about to have the Winkelvoss twins start an ETF on the NYSE.Xoblort: please stop spamming nxt questions when no one is answering.Filipos76: lockey444, me too:) an also something yesterday too.Community is pulling together to launch an open source example.Jerrys: terrybeth, ltc is dead now only alive from random pumps and because of segw.

Thoth: igor8432, not all requests will lead to a coin listing unfortunately.Xoblort: POLO TIP: Asking for Trollbox advice will just get you spam.

Anondran: LTC dev is in wonder both coins would have the 1000% retrace algo.Thoth: bruno-836d, I only see one recent deposit for less than 1 ETH.