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Objects are stateful from the moment they are created until they are destroyed.Then the system matches you up with as many other people as it can and runs several simulated dates based on your profiles.

If you leave your ship in the far bottom right corner, you will never get killed 5 ThePinion.Go ahead with your investment in Bitcoin, probably the safest long-term investment in cryptocurrency than any other coin. No matter how much (or little) money you put.I would have been tempted to call it HTML5 game written in 30 lines of JS and then had some defunct JS code. 11 chrismorgan.WYSIWYG only shows you the end result, with no clean way to see how you got there.This is the current separation in my mind: OO is designed and really good for modeling a complex system that involves lots of mutation, and functional programming is really good for modeling and separating behavior within a system.Not to get into the oo vs functional debate, but generic advice about how big a class should be and how it should relate to other classes is guaranteed to be inappropriate some of the time.There were also statements in some previous comments that this transfer was made for free.

A more thoughtful, situation-specific analysis might produce better results. 28 RandallBrown.Question 2: Are you on the top quarter or bottom quarter of the half.That way you can find the. someone owns (owned) six million litecoins:. Thinks ML is easy because you can code the wrong algorithm in 40 lines of code.These stupid short-sighted governments are going to ruin the Internet for the rest of us through their greed for money (like in this case) and power (NSA mass surveillance). 27 ffrryuu.Basically, whenever we must ensure correct behavior having few constraints on sequence or timing of inputs.

There has to be a way you are. it's important to first commit so much time frame deciding the model of digicam to buy as well as moving store to store just so you...I was going crazy the first 6 months here because I was holed up in a office by myself with little in-person communication.Unless your one thing is everything-you-can-do-with-text. 11 mathattack.Some other questions I might ask How do you know how well this algorithm is performing.When one of these is announced I usually find myself navigating the various poorly-maintained python modules that process the source files, get lost, give up, and go back to plain css.Designers are trying desperately to break the mould of a conventional webpage design but forget to distinguish between headings and page content all too often.

I learned more about good OO design from the first edition of Code Complete than any other book that I ever read.If your online dating success is controlled by black box methods without feedback, they silently judge.That is the interesting bit for me, while I am a big fan of the nurture hypothesis, can nature override it.

Its been beaten to death and the truth is everyone is different so there is no ONE solution. 49 cdmckay.But I work in a team, and I prefer working in the same room as them.That said, three of the four of us have not used solitary space in the past 2 months.I alternate between sitting and standing as my body gives me signals.

FSMs are often used when modelling physical devices - think microwaves, elevators, CD-players, something with buttons or sensors, something event-driven, embedded controllers, also network protocols, text parsers, etc.

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It sounds like Solicitor General Verrilli made a lie of omission in the court.

So sorry to hear about the current situation, found myself filled with a lot of emotion as I read through it.With this one trick you can determine which algorithm is best, and the parameters.The particularly insidious part of this kind of trauma is the intense PTSD that is the result of this mental torture.The interchangable items based on device widths looks fantastic.

Classes are a tool you can use to design a solution to your particular programming problem.In my open office, I currently code next to some project managers, who spend all day on the phone negotiating.So he-bot and she-bot are the ones that actually get together.It sounds like in the USA banks have to have accounts with each other in order to affect transfers.

Just this realisation made computer architecture and processor design far less intimidating to me.Of the many topics that seem to capture the attention most readily, tales of the apocalypse to come are perhaps the most compelling.Use a better OO meta object system, ie. Moose. And then you can build a class like LEGO, literally.In ordinary JavaScript code its impossible to cause a problem just that. 16 joeblau.This is the kind of thing that makes me want to switch back to Windows.We got bored during the wait for the compress, so we pulled the power on the machine thinking that would be the end of it.For instance, it has taken forever to get a high-performance Lisp working inside of Emacs.

An easy way to construct the questions is to ask for increasingly precise time and location of birth.So I guess machine learning is easier to mis-use than it looks. 31 gms.Also, if the data is small enough scale, we can brute-force it and nobody will notice. 7 joshguthrie.Basically, they were in mental cubes when they were lacking physical cubes. P.S. The company I worked for went with the open office, productivity plummeted and the office is now closed.However one thing we do is, that it is perfectly within your right to work from home if you feel you have enough to get on with and people do this often.Carmack is going full-time and the company is doing a lot of hiring.