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A vote currently taking place on ethereums mining rewards system has motivated a big response from the. Here goes another day of trading in the bitcoin price,.Bigolas: islandbreeze2000, Your withdrawal is awaiting approval, it will be processed automatically within 24 hours from when you made it, often sooner.Bigolas: kanpam, Your withdrawal is awaiting approval, it will be processed automatically within 24 hours from when you made it, often sooner.Xoblort: TheThinker, I just posted the moon-thing there, thank you.Girzan: DeanInvestor, that soon, awesome, thought it was still 2 weeks.Quote from: xoma11 on August 30, 2017, 10:34:54 PM Quote from: uslfd on August 30, 2017, 10:31:44 PM Guys, China is considering pausing all ICOs.Fubar: PuffNStuff, yes but i think xrp ist only for testing it - on finsih the banks needs a own closed coinsystem.Binance coin is an ERC20 token, so any ERC20 wallet may be used: Hello JeremyB, thanks for the reply. reddit url include all information I need.

THERE WAS ALREADY 2000 ETHEREUMS CONTRIBUTED WITHIN THE FIRST 60. so I am banking on ArcBlock rejecting investors with a higher gas price. permalink; embed; save.MrSelfDestruct: asbowers97, Yes, that is why bitcoin is 1320 here and 1240 on other exchanges.Xoblort: vvu14091691 sorry there is not much more I can help with there, make sure your profile page is ok.Banhammer: accountingstudent banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Bigolas.Vaccinating infants for hepatitis B is a controversial topic. Vaccinating each infant for hepatitis B involves injecting 3 separate shots. Newborns in NZ are.

Xoblort: This trollbox is for light banter, tech talk, light banter, development talk, patterns, donuts, oprah, and support.They are working to get caught up on verifications due to larger than normal queues.SeekingAlfalfa: NAV, DCR, LTC, XRP all up, rest will recover soon and with higher btc value.Xoblort: racybhavik, we absolutely try to meet that time frame but in times of excessive volume these issue may happen.DeanInvestor: Girzan, hah can be more depends the right timing.LongOnPogs: XD XRP down 1% in 24 hours, everyone acts like their house burned down.Finnrey: goodnight herb, goodnight freedom, goodnight country I would gladly serve.PuffNStuff: jcapathy, Sorry I was having a few conversations there.CashCow: NEM could be the number 6 crypto currency before tomorrow.

Banhammer: Champ111 and alpha13 banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Xoblort.Your withdrawal is awaiting approval it will be processed automatically soon.InTheCorner: Once everyone starts talking about XRP it means people are about to get fleeced.FenderLender: ComTruise,:-) stay in there and keep positive:-).

Bigolas: PRO TIP: Poloniex Staff will never solicit coins form users here, in IRC or anywhere else.Wyattiverson: My mood is fine, but I should honestly be asleep by now.Xoblort: huanpom, you would hve to send more in this case until it gets credited to your account here.

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Xoblort: lida19863009, Lets please not start that spam, Thank you.Girzan: raven-crow, there are many, study awhile before trading.Banhammer: balances banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Xoblort.

Bullish Bitcoin Price Nears $1,250 at 30-Day High;. Bitcoin to Gain Legal Status in India, Reports Loc. Litecoin's Emerging Scaling Debate Explained.Mixing reinvented for your privacy Chip Chip Mixerwzxtzbw.onion.Cryptroll: DarkAngel, Yes its quiet and its killing me.not enough publicity.

Nordman: Xoblort, you should see all my screens. control central here.Bitcoinmillion1: When Eth goes PoS that will be its death.Casper was chosen as a name for obvious reasons.he was a ghost.ded.ghost ded.DirtyCoinGuy: Xoblort, you are the exchange that surprise delist us.Finnrey: jcapathy, sheeeeet, I drove 3 blocks away and am getting same sentence rofl.AwakenedChain: jcapathy, yeah, i was shorting at 3500. i got screwed and margin called.PondLife: TimeIsMoney, if you know in advance on a major policy decision like a delisting you are in a position to make a lot of money by shorting it.Bigolas: axelxod, when you send over a network their is a charge, when you send one, less that 1 will be recieved.

Quote from: JeremyB on September 02, 2017, 08:42:37 AM Quote from: udonmez on September 02, 2017, 06:05:38 AM I would like to buy some and hold for a while.Banhammer: jackvafi banned for 1 days, 0 hours, and 0 minutes by Bigolas.Fubar: PuffNStuff, yes but in the time the testing whit ripple is over you will see what happens.Xoblort: Menaxerius, The 24 hr volume is updated every 5-10 seconds and is the volume for the last 24 hrs from the moment.Xoblort: Yeahyeah1159, You can open a ticket for that at and they will assist you with detailed questions to that.assbot: Logged on 27-10-2015 19:03:59; mircea_popescu: but i got an idea of a graphic novel, suddeenly: in this crapsack world in which the implementation of the.Goldiath: Calabrese69, just summed up the entire shltcoin community.Pharrisee1: concavity, you might want to try tradingview. com for a more tempered chat and far better charting.

L4rge1ntheMarg1n: concavity, I can teach you how to make money here not on forex.I am trying to withdraw my btc, but it keeps saying that the amount must be greater than 0.0001, even though it is greater Xoblort, Bigolas.Banhammer: power87 banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Xoblort.컴퓨터와 관련한 이런 저런 이야기 + 책/영화 소개 + 신변잡기적인 수필 jhrogue noreply.Finnrey: blitz78, for sure, heard they make it in cement mizers.ItsTheChamp: duonghoanglong1992, eth is just a buy and hold for a long period imo.WiseGoat: Lawful, yeah, I guess, but still. lol, well, if it makes you happy, go for it.PKVienna: wbe4ever, its like the most chill bot ever haha, 420 was hitting hard.

Lawful: DaddyisBack, destructive toward crypto community to take advantage of. Stop.Binance is nice addition until bittrex gets there compliance in order.PolarIce: FenderLender, I not sure. btc has always been on the rise.Xoblort: avelasconazaretti, Lets please not start that spam, Thank you.Cthulhu: edward10024, since the new core updates, so the debate is more about ideology now.Xoblort: nelsonluo, Please give it some time if it is a new transaction.TimeIsMoney: CashCow, XEM will be used by one of game platforms.LetterFromNorway: profaprofa2014, nushares, cause they announced paying dividends for holders.Bitcoinmillion1: lools like the eth wall is dripping away.have fun with that unlimited supply Bernie Lomax ETH is.

Bigolas: 31337, Support require between 24-48hrs to reply to new tickets.If ripple is handing out billions of XRP to bankers and those bankers have the power to drive XRP up.