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Using MOOCs to Reinvigorate Software Engineering Education (Keynote) Armando Fox University of California at Berkeley, USA.Yet, most data-flow analyses do not take advantage of this fact.Rather than requiring that programs be verified in separate a posteriori analysis, Verily supports construction via a series of Recipes, which are properties of an application that are enforced at compile time.The researchers conducted the study on seven graduate master student teams applying the approach throughout their practicum projects.Concurrent programs are prone to various classes of difficult-to-detect faults, of which data races are particularly prevalent.Various code hosting sites, notably Github, have tapped on the opportunity to facilitate pull-based development by offering workflow support tools, such as code reviewing systems and integrated issue trackers.

Correspondingly, the level of model coverage is also expected to increase, because infeasible test cases do not contribute to coverage.The widely used datasets from NASA projects are employed as test data to evaluate the performance of all compared methods.These results suggest that while temporally distributed teams do communicate, it is at a slower rate, and firms may wish to locate partner teams in similar time zones for maximal performance.We show that depending on how one sets up the repair scenario, the evaluation goals may be contradictory.Specifying oracles is particularly challenging for real-time embedded systems, where small changes in time or sensor inputs may cause large differences in behavior.In this paper, we introduce a self-adaptation programming paradigm called brownout.

After clustering Android apps by their description topics, we identify outliers in each cluster with respect to their API usage.We studied in depth the Debian software repository, one of the largest and most complex existing ones, and we developed comigrate, an extremely efficient tool that is able to identify the largest sets of components that can migrate to the reference repository without violating its quality constraints.We use preliminary taxonomies to demonstrate, through a prototype IDE, how the taxonomies make notifications and their resolutions more consistent and unified.The new approach mitigates the unpredictability of existing solutions, by enabling a finer and more transparent control of what a bidirectional transformation does, and suggests a research direction for building more robust bidirectional model transformation tools.

We use recordings of these sessions and conceptualize the phenomena seen. Results: 1.Skilled pairs may bridge the awareness deficits without visible obstruction of the overall process. 2.Skilled pairs may use the additional editing freedom in a useful limited fashion, resulting in potentially better fluency of the process than local pair programming.In particular, students reported gaining insights about require- ments management and customer collaboration, effective teamwork, and the Scrum roles.We adapt CIT to refactoring tools and show that alternate refactoring paths are indicators of the usability problems of refactoring tools.We mine the work item trackers for a large commercial software project with a globally distributed development team.Crowdsourced API documentation is fragmented, scattered around the Web, and disconnected from official documentation.An experimental evaluation shows that cross-checking oracles, used in combination with automatic test generation techniques, can be very effective in revealing faults, and that they can even improve good hand-written test suites.Typically, developers subscribe to issues they are interested in through the tracker, and are informed of changes and new developments via automated email.While API documentation can help, it is often insufficient on its own.Objective: Characterize how competent distributed pair programmers may handle this additional freedom and these additional awareness deficits and characterize the impacts on the pair programming process.

We then analyze the trends of source code file growth and find growth is more similar within subjects than within tasks.A tool named APISynth is proposed in this paper by utilizing a new graph based approach.We discuss similarities and differences in usage across the projects, and we identify annotation burden, tool support, and training as possible explanations based on developer interviews.Its key employees, including Rubin, Miner and White,. say that Android is not Linux in the traditional Unix-like Linux distribution sense;.We show how a number of salient program features can be seamlessly combined in Markov logic, and how the resulting joint inference can be solved.This is problematic as many popular mobile web applications use large light colored backgrounds.

However prior studies have shown that successful projects often take from 20-25 years to reach the stage of full industry adoption, while many other projects fizzle out and never advance beyond the initial research phase.Package management as a means of reuse of software artifacts has become extremely popular, most notably in Linux distributions.Initial evaluation indicates that the proposed approach is practical and may produce improvements in internal validity and theoretical generalizability.In addition to simplifying the provisioning and deployment of new IDE features, and making it easier to integrate with other web native tools, cloud based IDEs provide some fundamental advantages when it comes to understanding the behavior of a wide community of software developers.Consequently, when performance regression issue is spotted at a certain point, multiple commits might have been merged since last testing.The goal of this paper is to provide a set of replicable best practices for initiating a software training program in a multi-national organization.One cause for the existence of such dependencies is the improper organization of elements into components.

As modeling in software and system development becomes increasingly prevalent, many engineers need to collaboratively develop models spanning many disciplines such as requirements management, system design, software, etc.In the second phase, users can explore the graph directly or run custom analysis scripts written using a convenient API.Energy-efficiency is a key concern in continuously-running mobile applications, such as those for health and context monitoring.At times the datasets are not made publicly available and thus it is difficult to reproduce reported results.

Students in software engineering are suitable candidates for crowdsourcing testing.To evaluate the scalability of variability-aware execution on a large real-world setting, we built a prototype PHP interpreter called Varex and ran it on the popular WordPress blogging Web application.Our approach to address this problem is to share and edit the models as task-oriented spreadsheets, using a unified model (in UML or SysML) and a unified user interface (in the spreadsheet program).Within three months 90 students worked in 10 different projects with real customers from industry and delivered 490 releases.We produce the MGL locks through reasoning about the hierarchy of the data structure and the accesses to it.

Crowdsourcing testing and educational projects are natural complementary.Our results, based on manual analysis of 1,230 mutants from 18 programs, reveal a highly uneven distribution of equivalence and stubbornness.

This involves the use of complex primitives and writing error-prone multithreaded code to monitor hardware state.The paper also validates that the Essence kernel provides an effective mechanism for monitoring and steering work common to most student software projects.The UCOSP program has evolved over time as we have learned how to effectively manage a diverse set of students working on a large number of different projects.In this paper, we present the results from two surveys related to data science applied to software engineering.These findings are instrumental in advancing our understanding of MapReduce program correctness.The study also considers the extent to which model checking can satisfy the requirements of the extensive DO-178C guidance on formal methods.We compare manual testing without any automation performed by a tester at a software company with model-based testing (MBT) performed by a tester at a research center.Using this data, we answer 2 research questions about use and misuse of asynchronous constructs.

Finally, the paper presents the lessons learned and how the findings and the implemented analysis tool allow platform developers to improve platform code, system settings and customer management.Being able to automatically repair programs is at the same time a very compelling vision and an extremely challenging task.In this paper, we present an empirical study of 26.6 million builds produced during a period of nine months by thousands of developers.We discover the challenges they experience and extract their coping strategies.Our approach is based on program analysis of the structure of the web application im- plementation.We have validated ConLock using a suite of real-world programs with 11 deadlocks.The main reason is the fact that this topic is emerging and no common sense on its concepts and relations exists yet.

In this paper, we present RegViz, an approach to visually augment regular expressions without changing their original textual notation.First, we aim at explaining why we disagree with Kim and colleagues and why the reasons behind this disagreement are important for research on automatic software repair in general.Technical Research Software Engineering in Practice (SEIP) Software Engineering Education and Training (SEET) New Ideas and Emerging Results (NIER) Formal Demonstrations Doctoral Symposium Posters ACM Student Research Competition Technical Research.We then generate oracles by cross-checking the execution of a test with the same test in which we replace some operations with redundant ones.