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A55: NIA OPS recommends that it might help to provide a more detailed description on how the banner image relates to the overall image.A28: If you accidentally set your hometown OPR will allow you to change it one time without needing to contact support.Q123: Houssam Eltouny (DARKoo7) - Middle East, can we please have something.

We suspect account-sharing for registration portal hack and already found many badge-selling offers.Q76: Sergey Chizhik - On Ingress birthday a lot of players have taken free key locker.Skyrim:The Aetherium Forge. The UESPWiki. In front of you is a stone pool of water with a piece of Dwemer scrap metal on the edge of the pool.For example: Portals in the Baltic sea of sailing markers, sat on tiny rocks, with no landing possible located in notoriously dangerous waters.What you are referring to as a disadvantage is normalized globally.A5: There will be an update on this by the end of next week I believe.Q55: Mavs Mendoza - Is there any event for december that you guys are planning maybe an extra medal.Do you think Niantic should consider reversing some of those bans if former agents are properly reformed.

You may have noticed Portals inside buildings - think transit stations, museums.Assuming the portal meets all the other submission criteria which includes not obstructing or interfering with the operations of a industrial site as cited in the OPR help article.The gamemasters are for any mechanic that can activate and include as many people as possible.There was recently a portal reset by NIAGameMaster in Greenwich, CT. - Ingress - Game Reality This portal was reset but the mods were not added back.Q98: Matt Cathey - It seems like there is a chicken-or-the-egg scenario when it comes to the OPR approvals.Q65: Allan Weber - Can we expect Ingress Prime to be released before the Q1 anomaly series.

A58: Providing a screenshots, and not access, is not the same things a guided tour.A8: You should analyze candidates based on your own local knowledge or supporting data that you can find online.

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Because in the situation that we are, I believe that the ban no longer matters to the spoofers.

Right now our priority is obtaining feature parity between Ingress 1.0 and Ingress Prime so it is ready for release.As soon as we have something to announce, we will let everyone know.Tools developed for it should be shutdown if they violate the TOS.I was running a vulnerability scan against a Windows Server of mine,. The best answers are voted up and rise to the. Microsoft Windows RPC (135/tcp) security risks.Q18: Wez Gil (WEZEW) - We are having serious problems with an openly admitted (on comms) multi-accounter, no matter how many times we report him, he gets away with it.Q130: diane wilson (thecatspaws) - I very much appreciated the confirmation announcement for Navarro.A32: This is a very vague question and would require more information to give an informed opinion.Q73: John TheAussie - What is the stance on traffic Bridges in opr that are unique in architecture, or have history, or are now historical ruins, which have safe pedestrian access.

But I caution the mindset that just because you build it and there is demand that is must be good for business.A32: I am told that the faction, and how many reports are submitted, do not play in to the decision to remove a portal.

A portal on a public easement could easily be ultrastriked and captured by an agent walking down the sidewalk without any trespassing on private property occurring.But I think Niantic can provide more logistical support than we previously do and scale them up.Without knowing the specifics of how a particular application works it is hard to give a exact answer about an individual tool, but generally, tools that shortcut the intended challenges of the game are against the rules.For others it takes multiple punishments and for different people they learn the lesson by watching others getting punished.Q271: Nicholas Cornish - When will the error list of Agents that did the Mission Day but did not get the badge pushed correctly from Bruges Mission Day be sorted.This problem is really terrible and dangerous to agents who use scanner to find the road.In addition to managing things like the embedded reporter process (and communication thereof) and working with Anomaly POCs about medals.

Q20: Tijs Born - In Antwerp during the MD registration we were able to pickup our EXO5 supporter packs.Initially, I am pretty indifferent and have no strong feelings either way.


However, the pictures I took have been added to the portals that were mistaken as the duplicate.Q127: Robert Buchan Terrey - Do you have any advice for an agent who was softbanned after traveling to his capital city in the hopes of levelling up.A15: NIA OPS says that they are aware of the challenges that the current system presents.

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I am aware of a post or two stating what actions we have taken against people in certain roles to develop, maintain, administer, etc tools and systems that violate the TOS.Q38: Werner Baderschneider - What do you think about the idea to erase all portals with start of Prime to give Ingress a push and a completely new go.

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My understanding of the TOS is that the use of these databases by individual players is also a violation.

Many poor submissions could be prevented if people better knew how to place their portal, what are good candidates, and what locations are off limits.However now they are forbidden to buy a set of 5 key lockers.A few hours later, a spoofer from our same faction appeared, neutralizing one of the vertices and destroying all the time and money we had spent on something really satisfactory.